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Recent advances in technology in the last 5 years have played a major factor in forcing the New York City hospitality industry to change faster than any other time in history–and it’s evolving for restaurants large and small. Before this, common back-office responsibilities like bookkeeping, payroll, paying bills, and generating invoices were centered mostly around the desktop computer or worse, keeping paper records.

As the saying goes “software is eating the world.”  The adoption by businesses moving to cloud software technologies, are streamlining tasks and helping restaurants manage all these changes much easier now.  It’s never been easier for a business to find an app to make some aspect of their operations simpler, better or faster. But with so many accounting software choices available, how do pick the right ones that will help to innovate and grow with your restaurant?        

At the 27th annual American Express Restaurant Trade Program, Amex released a survey, that discovered that over 500 of the nations leading restaurateur’s want restaurant specific software technology in their operations. According to the data, more 80% of participants say their customers are asking for new technology solutions to be added at least once a month. This demand for using new technologies isn’t only coming from the consumer.  Restaurant managers are now realizing that different solutions are necessary to see year or year (YOY) growth and scale economically.

The top Restauranteur’s say using restaurant management software technology platforms will help:

  • To monitor customer feedback more easily 
  • Make day-to-day operations more streamlined 
  • Reduce overhead/costs

So why does my restaurant need a technology strategy?  

A technology strategy will help companies set objectives and decisions in order to choose software and or apps that can make the business run more efficiently. The needs of a large hospitality group managing multiple locations will be very different than a single diner establishment. It’s all about doing research to pick a comprehensive cloud based restaurant management software that is scalable and integrates with other apps that will pull sales data from your Point of Sales (POS) system, organize and reconcile accounts, handle payroll processing, give financial reports, and offer cash flow management. The right software can allow restaurant owners and managers to see where the money is being spent and identify areas that could be improved. Scan receipts or connect your POS system to pull the daily sales numbers into your back office bookkeeping system. Stop fumbling around with paper receipts, everything can be handled in the cloud.      

Be Modern and Transform your Old Paper-Based Process. 

cloud-bookkeepingIt is the 21st Century. Stop mailing packets of invoices from your restaurant locations to HQ.  Easily scan or snap photos of your invoices, then email or upload them directly into Bookkeeping Chef software solutions.      

Integration & Automation

Bookkeeping Chefs restaurant management platform makes it simple for restaurants of all sizes to manage bookkeeping and accounting tasks by integrating with 20 + POS systems, all major payroll processing, invoicing / expensing services and hundreds of other vendors. According to Google, in 2016 mobile has surpassed desktop search, “so if you are not mobile you are dead.” Our cloud solutions software, runs in your browser on your PC, Mac, tablet and all smart phone devices. We help NYC restaurants to record and transform basic data into an effective business strategy that helps to increase your bottom line and save you money. Our accounting partners also can provide tax planning strategies to dramatically reduce your income tax bill.    

 A Complete Back-Office Bookkeeping Solution    

Accounting & Payroll Automation

Our solutions allow you to manage your finances and increase profits all while reducing administrative tasks Learn more.   

Financial Reporting

Our user friendly interface dashboard can build a variety of in-depth financial reports, including food cost, sales, P&L, and comparative reports. Learn more.    

Cash Flow Management & Reconciliation

Automatically reconcile bank and credit accounts, get rid of spreadsheets and identify lost checks or deposits or any unauthorized transactions. Learn More.   

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Manage payables and receivables. Process incoming bills and vendor payments, automate and make online payments with your accounting software.  Learn more.   

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