Outsourced Cloud-based Bookkeeping Software Solutions for NYC Restaurants

Our Bookkeeping Services in NYC, provide professionally managed bookkeeping to any business

Why is bookkeeping so important for restaurants?  In order for restaurants to be profitable, you need to have up to date and accurate books on a daily basis and know how much staff you will need (based on the amount sales), how much cash you have to order more food and liquor inventory and how well your promotions are performing.

We help business owners to feel relieved because we take the pressure off of managing their books:

  • No more stacks of papers
  • No more bills being paid late
  • No more frustration of not knowing what your daily cash balances
  • No more headaches with making and calculating payroll each month

Bookkeeping Chefs is a cloud bookkeeping solutions management provider serving New York City Restaurants, including fast food, fine dining, cafe, bars, and lounges. We are an accounting and reconciliation specialists. We offer a few different levels of services, depending on your restaurant’s bookkeeping needs. Why should you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping tasks?  Because it is much more cost efficient to outsource your daily finance functions and operational management reporting for recording vendor invoices, transactions, cash handling, petty cash tips, labor costs and purchasing orders. We have partnered with Aber CPA to offer tax specialist services geared specifically to save restaurants money.   Our Restaurant Bookkeeping software solutions give you:    

    • Control of your restaurant’s cash flow
    • Automates your accounts payable
    • The ability to easily track receivables  
    • Online bill pay and vendor invoice processing  
    • Affordable outsourced payroll services
    • Automatically Reconciled bank accounts 
    • Profit and Loss Financial Statements
    • 24/7 access to all the critical data from any device   

New York City’s Largest Dedicated Bookkeeping Services Firm

Our professional accounting staff devotes itself to providing monthly bookkeeping services in a cost-effective, accurate manner,
showing the utmost respect and awareness for the confidentiality and specific needs of our clientele.

With Bookkeeping Chef, you get smart-software to track your financials and a team of bookkeepers who do your bookkeeping—so you don’t have to. See your business’s financial health at a glance. Our visual financial reports track your revenue, expenses, and profit over time.  know exactly where your Restaurant’s money is going and identify ways to save.

Easily Understand Your Financials


Managed Bookkeeping Services for Restaurants


Choose from any of the available packages
or contact us for a customized solution.

Daily Sales Reporting


Keep track of daily transactions
by comparing and analyzing
your point of sale (POS) revenue
against actual receipts.

Outsourced Payroll Services


Our cloud-based payroll services offer
direct deposits, FICA tip credits,
automated check signing and
card paying options.

Tax Planning & preparation


Our tax planning strategies will ensure you always save the most money on taxes and never pay more than you owe.

Financial Reporting


Get weekly and monthly
customized reports including
sales, profit & loss Statements
balance sheets & more

Accounts Payable


Accounts payable solutions
for New York City restaurants
keep track of payments and
approvals with accuracy.

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