Daily Sales Recording and Reporting


Bookkeeping Chef’s Restaurant Reporting Software tracks Daily Sales

Accurate financial tracking and record keeping begins with logging in daily sales from your restaurant.  Having a system and reports will be a crucial part of measuring cost vs. Sales, controlling cash and reconciling any under or over cash balances.  Some of your transactions will be credit or debit and some will be cash-based.  Keeping track of daily cash sales is important because they are collected but not yet deposited at the bank like a credit transaction.  Bookkeeping Chef’s software makes it easy for you to upload your transactions using email, scanner or a fax machine.  We have a system set up to analyze, compare and analyze your point of sale (POS) revenue against actual receipts.  This type of reconciliation is a daily task, which will uncover any cash discrepancy issues right away instead of finding out about it at the end of the month.   



Get Detailed Daily Sales Reports for your Restaurant on your smart phone, Ipad or laptop

No matter how you want to slice and dice your reporting, Bookkeeping Chef’s sales reports are customized to meet the specific needs of your restaurant.  Contact us today for a consultation.

Our Daily Sales Reporting systems allow you to have personalized restaurant tax, accounting expertise for less of a cost than employing a bookkeeper in-house.