Cloud-based Accounts Payable Restaurant Solutions   

Accounts-Payable-Bookkeeping-for-Restaurants-NYCWe offer cloud based accounts payable automation solutions for New York City restaurants which keep track of payments and approvals with guaranteed accuracy.  As a bonus, the business owner can approve payments from wherever you are, at work or at home.  This is a cost cutting, time saving service.    

How does it work?     

Simply upload your paperwork and bills to Bookkeeping Chefs’ software app integrations and we will handle the rest.  We set up a system to keep track of payment due dates and generate a list for electronic for your authorization of processing.  It’s all paperless; once payments are approved, the funds are drafted from the bank and respective vendors get paid.  We take care of all data entry for vendor and bill information and we provide you with a list of approval statuses for every invoice or bill.   

Our Accounts Payable Services Include  

  • Processing incoming bills and vendor payments 
  • Web based invoice imaging
  • Managing paperwork and 1099′s for contractors
  • Electronic invoice integration
  • Tailored check processing
  • Tracking credit card expenses & receipts
  • Issuing and tracking vendor purchase orders
  • Administering employee expense reports

Using our cloud-based accounts payable service, your restaurant will never pay a late fee or miss a payment again.