Custom Flash reports using weekly data from your New York Restaurant POS System


Weekly flash / prime cost reports are a must have accounting and bookkeeping tool for any New York City restaurant manager or owner. The flash reports digs out and captures critical weekly financial and operating data so you can accurately analyze sales vs prime costs and make decisions quickly.

Bookkeeping Chef’s Flash Reports accurately summarize food, pouring and labor costs to figure out the prime cost figure. Prime costs are the significant controllable costs every restaurant establishment faces and often will amount up to 60% in profitable, well run hospitality businesses. Our reports help you to highlight and adjust possible problem areas such as the cost of goods sold and payroll expenses. Our flash reports are customized to fit your specific needs. Our goal is to help your businesses save thousands of dollars each week.
Our reports can use :

  • Sales data from your Point of Sale.
  • Labor data from your Time & Attendance system.
  • Sales budget through Avero Slingshot Budget.
  • Theoretical COGS from your Point of Sale system.

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